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Series of Products


The kitchen is the place where people cook and drink in ancient times, and the place where life is thick and thin. In the future, wooden boards will create the only cooking and drinking space guaranteed to last for 50 years.

In Futurewood's formaldehyde-free "non-toxic kitchen", five flavors are cooked with five fires, not only taking care of the willfulness of taste buds, but also putting health first when importing food and beverages. It has won EU patents, US patents, Singapore green building materials certification, and innovation research for small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan. Award, SGS food-grade certification and many other certifications and patents, using the same material as baby pacifiers, food-grade TPE, integrally formed, can be used for more than 50 years, and will be passed down at home forever.

Cupboard Drawer-bottom Board

Cupboard Laminate Pane

Cupboard Door Plank

Cupboard Back Panel

Surface Texture
Unique craftsmanship-grade water grinding method, light splashing cloud pattern, wild sprawl, the door panel is specially designed with a transparent TPE surface layer, which is clear and beautiful, and does not hide the elegance and grace of the white marble color. It is easy to match the interior design, and can also be wiped and cleaned daily.
Color Bar
Sakura Pink
There are two color designs on the side of the board, one color "Pastel Turquoise" is elegant and leisurely, and the other color "Sakura Pink" has thin and soft lines, and the touch is as smooth as a baby's skin. It is glue-free and patented technology, no need to pack Edge, decorate the board, every time you open the cabinet, you can see the spring dawn entering the room, and the beauty of the world is captured in the subtleties.
Pastel Turquoise
Lipophilic panels are maintenance and detergent washable! ! !
Mirai wood can be maintained as a lipophilic board. Immediately after being stained with oil, use a neutral detergent to clean it. After drying, spread it evenly with edible oil. After staying for 20 minutes, use a detergent to wash it again.
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